Gallery Name:
Sho + 1

Shoichiro Satake

About Gallery:
As a founder and a director of Galerie Sho Contemporary Art in 1984, I have
dealt with an immense number of contemporary artworks by both European and
American artists, especially the works of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel
Basquiat. Moreover, the exclusively collaborative projects with contemporary
photographers such as Helmut Newton, Bettina Rheims, Christopher Makos and
Guido Argentini have been planned and expanded worldwide throughout me.
Since 2017 my new art project, Sho +1 has been shedding light on the value
of the artwork by modern masters like Pablo Picasso in addition to my usual
line-up of contemporary artists. Furthermore, we launched Sho + 1 to
introduce and produce new generation pop art stars such as a London based
artist, Philip Colbert

Artist List:
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Robert Mapplethorpe
Edvard Munch
Helmut Newton
Pablo Picasso
Cy Twombly
Andy Warhol

Guido Argentini
Philip Colbert
Clara Desire
Lee Dongi
Andi Fischer
Louis Granet
Makoto Saito
Brian Sato
Jonathan Seliger