Sho + 1について

Sho + 1は国内外の展覧会やアートフェアを通し、現代美術作品の紹介とグローバル市場での取引を行うアート・プロジェクトです。




ディレクター 佐竹 昌一郎

1984年にギャラリー・ショウ・コンテンポラリー・アートを創立。国内屈指のアンディ・ウォーホル作品を専門に取り扱う画廊として活動する傍ら、バスキア作品に魅了され、バスキアの死後のマーケットに深く関わる。90年代よりヘルムート・ニュートンを筆頭とするアーティストらと独自のプロジェクトを数多く発表。長年に渡りギャラリーを運営し、2017年に新たなアートプロジェクトSho + 1 を設立。

ABOUT Sho + 1

Sho + 1 is an art project with a focus on the introduction and global sale of contemporary art through numerous exhibitions and international art fairs.

My art dealer career began in 1984 and since then I have dealt with an immense number of artworks.

My field of expertise is European and North American contemporary art, specifically Pop art and Pop culture.

I select distinctive pieces by established artists and my style is to curate a combination of artworks  by emerging artists that deeply move me.

I believe my aesthetic perspective has remained relevant in the art world over the past thirty plus years I have been active in the fine art market.

My main motivation in starting Sho + 1 is to select pieces which resonate with art connoisseurs that share my aesthetic.

Leveraging my long experience as a dealer of fine art, I aim to offer selected pieces to established collectors and new buyers.

Sho + 1
Shoichiro Satake

Shoichiro Satake

Gallery owner, CEO of Sho + 1. He started Galerie Sho Contemporary Art in 1984. In 1985 while working as one of the main galleries specializing in dealing Andy Warhol’s works in Japan, he is fascinated by Basquiat’s artworks, and becomes involved in the market after the artist’s passing.  From the 90’s, he has presented various original projects involving artists such as Helmut Newton.  After long years of running a gallery, he founded a new art project, Sho + 1 in 2017.


Represented Artists / Artworks:
Philip Colbert / Lee Dongi / Jonathan Seliger / Lola Schnabel / Przemek Matecki / Bel Fullana / Andi Fischer / Clara Desire / Pablo Picasso / Andy Warhol / Jean-Michel Basquiat / Robert Longo / Barbara Kruger / Niki de Saint Phalle / Marc Chagall / Helmut Newton / Guido Argentini / Madsaki / Katsuhiko Brian Sato / Rammellzee / Tomo Sakurai