He started to paint at his own knowledge from the age of 25. The major characteristic of his work is to combine brown skin women with adorable animals and cartoon characters. And, such style has rapidly become popular to result in the special feature edition as “Life of Brian” by the lowbrow magazine, titled “Art? Alternatives” in New York City. Since 2001 his principal activity has moved to a city of Sendai where is located at approximately 350 km north of Tokyo, and he became one of the experients of Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Such incident caused Sato to create more social and political theme of work in parallel with his conventional dreamy paintings. Right after the disaster he talked to himself, “What is the true value of the things?” When he came across unusual incidences at the afflicted area by the toppled buildings, covered by blue poly tarps, he felt tarps and manual type chargers to be indispensable that he has never thought about their importance before. From this experience he came to think of tarps to be usable for his own work. Around such time throughout one of his friends Sato was fortunate to meet a British actress and singer, Jane Birkin who visited Matsushima city at Miyagi for her regular tour. Sato acquired Birkin’s autograph on the fresh blue poly tarp. Afterwards in 2013 he used this tarp to make an artwork, inspired by a HERMÈS Birkin bag. That has become his most representational conceptual piece of art. In recent years he has been participating in domestic art fairs as well as exhibiting his work in Netherlands, Switzerland, and the States (e.g. Los Angeles).

1968 Born in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan

solo exhibitions
1997 View from the perfect planet, PARCO Kichijoji, Tokyo
2000 Mango woman, LAPNET SHIP, Tokyo
2013 Diary of The Earthquake Disaster, billiken gallery, Tokyo
2013 Katsuhiko Brian Sato,  Ofunato City Museum, Iwate
2022 AFRO GAME, Fireking cafe, Tokyo
2022 the perfect view from the planets, Sho+1, Tokyo

selected group exhibitions
1995 American, German and Japanese pop artists, Galerie Sho Contemporary Art, tokyo
2000 The Definitive Retrospective, Copro Nason Gallery, Los Angeles
2008 Illustrative, Zurich
2011 Passion of the East, Go Gallery, Amsterdam
2016 70 Creators’ Seven, PARCO Ikebukuro, Tokyo
2019 Group Show at Art Fair Tokyo 2019, Tokyo from Booth Sho + 1
2020 Group Show at Art TNZ, Tokyo from Booth Sho + 1
2020 Wave 2020, 3331Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo








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