Lee Dongi is widely recognized to be first on the list of a pop artist in Korea. He has attempted to combine the medium of acrylic painting with diverse subject matter and expressive methods.
He created the Atomaus character through the combination of two celebrity cartoon characters, Atom (Astro Boy) and Mickey Mouse.
Since 1993 When Lee first conceived Atomaus, he had no intention of leading any identity to the character.
Lee’s work refers to pre-existing images rather than creating ones.
Lee points out that contemporary people gradually become accustomed and desire to identify themselves with imaginary images. These images have ambivalent features, sublimity and abstractness despite their superficial existence.


1967 Born in Seoul
1990 B.F.A., Painting, Hongik University
1995 M.F.A., Painting, Hongik University

1993 First Solo Exhibition at Gallery On, Seoul
1995 Program, Hongik University Art Museum, Seoul
1998 Underworld, Kaywon Gallery, Uiwang, Korea
1999 Money Honey, Seonam Art Center, Seoul
2001 The Adventures of Atomaus, Gallery Dong Dong, Seoul
2002 Solo Exhibition, Kobayashi Gallery, Tokyo
2003 Crash, IImin Museum of Art, Seoul
2007 Atomaus, Gallery Mook, Beijing
2006 Smoking, One and J Gallery, Seoul
2008 Bubbles, Willem Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdam
2008 Dongi Lee Solo Exhibition, Keumsan Gallery, Tokyo
2008 Bubbles, Gallery 2, Seoul
2008 Double Vision, Gallery 2, Seoul
2009 Double Vision, Galerie Michael Schultz, Belin
2010 Bittersweet, Gallery 2, Seoul
2011 Role Playing Game, Lotte Gallery, Seoul
2012 Garden of Uncertainty, Gallery 2, Seoul
2013 Don’t Look Back in Anger, Songwon Art Center, Seoul
2014 Zero Gravity, GALLERY HYUNDAI, Seoul
2016 Abyss, Gallery 2, Seoul
2017 Dongi Lee Unplugged, Gallery 2, Jungsun Nongwon, Jeju
2017 Dongi Lee, CL Art, Seoul
2018 Lee Dongi: 2015-2018, PIBI Gallery, Seoul
2018 Words, Gallery 2, Seoul
2018 Hashtag, Handok Museum of Medicine and Pharmacy, Eumsung
2019 Lee Dongi, 1993-2014: Back to the future, PIBI Gallery, Seoul
2019 Welcome to My World, Banyan Tree Club & Spa, Seoul
2020 Group Show at Art TNZ, Tokyo from Booth Sho + 1
2021 Group Show at Art Fair Tokyo 2021 from Booth Sho + 1

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