fusengirl is an artist with a strong affinity for social networking, which is an integral part of modern society.
The artist draws one and only imaginary individual on 7.5 x 7.5 cm sticky notes in a dairy basis. Her producing portrait sketch must be someone who belongs to somewhere. 

The artist marks each work with its creation date and her signature. In one of her posts, she added the following comment regarding her work: “On that day, in that place, that person existed.” The artist infuses each and everyone of the portraits that she draws on sticky notes with undeniable life. A large reason for this impression is the sense of presence produced by her special touch. The accomplished drawing techniques and skills in expressing space, which the artist likely cultivated through Japanese-style painting, remind one of the blank areas and mental spaces featured in Japanese paintings. They also bring to mind the bold screen compositions and vivid colors of Ito Jakuchu, who was active in the Edo period. Among all the sticky note art that can be enjoyed around the world, the fact that fusengirl’ s work borrows from the techniques of Japanese painting is perhaps the most distinctive feature of her work.

The broad variety of mediums that the artist uses in the process of bringing her portraits to life is also noteworthy. She renders each figure with pop flair through various techniques using pencil, fountain pen, spray, acrylic paint, line markers, and even correction fluid. Drawing on a panoply of artistic means, the artist skillfully expresses lightness by blending elements of the traditional aesthetic of Japanese painting with a bright modern pop style.

As social networking sweeps the modern world, fusengirl’ s creations are an inexhaustible source of novel forms and impressions, both in the original artwork and in the digitally transformed virtual reality world of NFTs.

After 2023 she has launched new experiment to work on canvas, record jackets and wrapping paper beyond her usual format of sticky notes. 
In new works on wrapping paper attempt one can see her background of a traditional Japanese style painting method.  



Graduated from graduate school of department of Japanese painting at Tokyo University of the Arts

2022  Group Show at 3331 Art Fair 2022 at Sho+1 booth in Tokyo, Japan
2022 Group Show at Art Fair Tokyo 2022 at Sho+1 booth in Tokyo, Japan 2022 Group Show at art stage OSAKA 2022 at Sho+1 booth in Osaka, Japan
2023 Group Show at Art Fair Tokyo 2023 at Sho+1 booth in Tokyo, Japan
2023 Collaboration Project by Sho+1 & +DA.YO.NE. fusengirl®︎ × Shizuka Ando ”moment” at Sho+1 in Tokyo, Japan 2023 Group Show at Art Collaboration Kyoto(ACK)at Sho+1 booth in Kyoto, Japan

Twitter @girl67184608

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