About fusengirl (Post-it Girl)

While a social structure makes a rapid change, sense of values is diversified, and people tend not to be sure where they are and what to see in the modern society, fusengirl (Post-it Girl) record someone’s “today” in their imagination.

In the train or throughout the town fusengirl (Post-it Girl) observe and analyze unspecified number of individuals those who live in today, and today’s sticky notes are born with someone who has high anonymity.

A human face to fusengirl (Post-it Girl) is a sort of conceptual frame that has a meaning to draw life of someone who wishes to complete his or her life, and also reflects a desire to affirm such various people’s life.

When the viewers encounter with “someone’s” everyday, fusengirl (Post-it Girl)’s work becomes just given life to.

“Someone” depicted in sticky notes always is wrapped by a commanding and refreshing face.  

It seems that there is love and hope of the artist who presses the back of the viewers.



Graduated from graduate school of department of Japanese painting at Tokyo University of the Arts

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