Naoki Kimura 
"KOIN - a time flies as lullscapes"	

Date|April 29th - May 26th, 2024
Time|10:00 - 20:00
*The last day (May 26th) will be closed at 18:00 
Free Admission
sentimental afternoon II 2022
Image size:19.05 × 19.05 cm, pigment print

Sho+1 is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Naoki Kimura from April 29th to May 26th, 2024 at GALLERY WALL inside KYOTO TSUTAYA BOOKS.  This exhibition, is titled “KOIN – a time flies as lullscapes”, we will present a group of recent works that capture the beautiful scenes in a moment, created by the light in a daily life. Please take this opportunity for your pleasure. 

Artist Profile
Naoki Kimura
A fine photographic artist, Kimura spent his childhood in Kyoto’s Nishijin district, where tradition and innovation coexist. It was during this period that he formed the fundamental sense of texture with subtle gradations that characterizes his current work. Kimura seeks out the pathos of things, which he refers to as nagi (tranquility), capturing deftly discerned fluctuations and textures -qualia- that emerge at the intersection of time and space. After moving to the United States in 1987, his instinctive reaction to what he perceived as “beautiful” during a visit to Italy in 1990 for his art creation developed into the underlying concept of nagi that pervades his later works. Since 2015, shifting his subjects from the West back to Japan, Kimura’s theme of encapsulating the fluctuations and textures of a place or space into a single piece of work has remained consistent.

KOIN – a time flies as lullscapes
The flow of time and the beauty of silence lurked there – sight of “Nagi” that reflects fragility and beauty.
“KOIN” symbolizes the passage of time, and there exists “Mono no Aware” that is sentiment of loveliness and secret beauty.
As time passes quickly, we spend time without noticing such beauty.
This exhibition consists of works to be produced in Japan, and praises the immaculate beauty concealed in everyday life and the magnificence of shadows.

Naoki Kimura

The same-day  2023
Image size:19.05 × 19.05 cm, pigment print

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