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"Multiplied Atomaus+"	

Date|January 23rd - February 24th, 2024
Time|12:00 - 18:00 / Closed on Mon. Sun. Holiday 

Free Admission
Bubbles 2019   60 x 90 cm, acrylic on canvas

Sho+1 is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Dongi Lee, titled “Multiplied Atomaus +” from January 23rd to February 24th, 2024.

Lee is the first artist to implement cartoon images in the contemporary art scenes in South Korea.
In this exhibition, we are to introduce brand new drawings in conjunction with works on canvas, featuring “Atomaus” that is invented by Lee.

Please take this opportunity for your pleasure.

Artist Profile 
Dongi Lee
Dongi Lee was born in Seoul in 1967 and achieved MFA from Western painting department of the Hongik University, College of Fine Arts. Lee started with the first solo exhibition at Gallery ON in South Korea, which initially introduced his remarkable character “Atomaus” in 1993, and consecutively had the first solo exhibition in Tokyo in 2002. Furthermore, his one-man show was held in Beijing in 2007, and in Amsterdam and Berlin in 2008. In September 2020 Lee held a large-scale solo exhibition at NYB Gallery in Kirkland, Washington, USA. He was evaluated as a first-generation pop artist in South Korea, and his representative works were named as “Bubbles”, “Flower Garden”, and “Virtual Insanity”. Such works are being collected by many museums in South Korea and in China and in Taiwan at the head of Leeum in Seoul. 
Lee has established the original genre within socially participatory pop art that crosses the boundary between high and low culture by borrowing and blending various elements from advertising, internet, classics, modernismpainting, and abstract art.
While Lee frequently uses flat colors and graphical images in the trendy theme between mass media and pop culture, his works that go back and forth freely in various themes express complex elements in style of pop with an exquisite balance.

Cats 2022
25 x 30 cm, pen and acrylic on paper
Untitled 2022
25 x 30 cm, pen and acrylic on paper

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