Fullana’s paintings employ a deverse range of painterly idioms, including elements of kitsch, abjection, and irony. Presenting the bacchanalian summer scene pf Mallorca and its influx of tourists from the perspectiove of a native, Fullana outlines a “parallel universe” in which “everything is fake and ephemeral, and social relations are established with an expiry date”, in the words of the artist. Evoking notions of fragility, innocence, and the ambiguous space between shame and victimization, she juxtaposes hypersexualized figures with imagery reminiscent of both childhood naivety and recless escapism and adult depravity.

Born in 1985 in Mallorca, Spain
studied Fine Arts in Sant Jordi University of Barcelona

solo exhibition
2019  Freight + Volume Gallery ( New York )
2018  Arts + Leisure ( New York )
2017 Art Centre Felanitx ( Mallorca, Spain)
2016 L21 Gallery ( Palma de Mallorca, Spain )
2014 Kubik Gallery ( Porto, Portugal )
2014 L21 Gallery (Madrid, Spain )
2014 Vitrine Kunthalle ( San Paulo, Brazil )
2013 L21 Gallery ( Madrid, Spain )
2012 L21 Gallery ( Palma de Mallorca, Spain )
2012 CCA Cultural Center Andratx ( Mallorca, Spain )
Art Fair
2019 Untitled Miami Beach
2019 Arco
2017 Arco
2015 Arco
2018 DNA Summer Residency ( Massachusetts, U.S.A )




Andy Warhol
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Rob Pruitt
Robert Longo
Pablo Picasso
Edvard Munch
Andi Fischer
Bel Fullana
Helmut Newton
Robert Mapplethorpe
Richard Avedon
Alison Jackson
Guido Argentini
Antonio Redaelli
Nobuyoshi Araki
Noritoshi Hirakawa
Katsuhiko Brian Sato
Makoto Saito