Guido Argentini is a Los Angeles based Itarian photographer. During his colleage days he majored in medicine but gradually had a strong interest in photography to determine to turn into a photographer. The background which Argentini was deeply fascinated by photographic field arose from the decadance and provocation, seen by Helmut Newton photographs and decadent style naked women in closed rooms, launched by Bettina Rheims photographs. Based upon their photographic approach, Argentini used his own idea to produce “Silvereye” which reflects naked women in the most beautiful way. He set up women in the studio, and coated them in silver makeup. The shiny silver paint transformed the models: dancers, gymnasts and aerialists into metallic statues, into new beings that became almost liquid like under the studio lights. “Silvereye” was made in the series, and they became his most successful artworks. Afterwards he released the theme of photographs in Private Rooms, Reflections, and Shade of Woman. Such photographs were taken through stunning woman’s nudity in shabby hotel rooms or closed rooms by arranging large scale set-ups and props. Moreover, his interest moved into a unique story-telling theme in order for viewers to create their own imagination, and he launched himself in combining landscapes or objects with women in diptych to name it as EROS. Guido Argentini has been one of the revolutionary photographers up to now and his exhibition was held in Germany, Italy, Austria, USA, and Japan.

1966 Born in Firenze, Italy

1996 Todd Kaplan Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, USA
1998 Todd Kaplan Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, USA
2006 Camera Work in Berlin, Germany
2006 James Gallery in Moscow, Russia
2006 Galerie Reygers in Munich, Germany
2007 Galerie Sho Contemporary Art in Tokyo, Japan
2009 Photo Art Research in Florence, Italy
2009 Brucie Collections in Kiev, Ukraine
2010 Galerie Sho Contemporary Art in Tokyo, Japan
2010 Young Gallery in Brussels, Belgium
2011 Photographers Limited Editions in Wien, Austria
2012 Unix Fine Art in Miami, USA
2013 Galerie Sho Contemporary Art in Tokyo, Japan
2022 Solo Exhibition "EROS" at Sho+1 in Tokyo, Japan








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