He studied at Parsons School of Design by living at the Chelsea Hotel, and focused his energy on partying rather than studying. In the early 1990’s Pruitt began exhibiting at Leo Castelli Gallery in New York; however, because the show contains very controversial content, he was refused to continue to be represented for several years. Afterwards a NY gallery, Gavin Brown’s Enterprises had Pruitt’s first sculpture show which was “Evian” fountain relating to baptism and rebirth. In 1998 Pruitt caused another minor scandal with a piece, called Cocaine Buffet. In this wise he is treated as a conceptual artist off the wall. Among the works by Pruitt, the most popular piece is an endangered specie that is a glittered panda. Those who like Marc Jacobs and Valentino, a fashion designer, Claudia Schiffer, a fashion model, Tom Sachs and Sam Taylor-Wood, an artist highly appreciate Pruitt’s creativity to be able to become the happiest mood.

Born in Washington DC in 1964




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